Chelsea Fan Beats Wife For Switching Off The Generator During Chelsea Vs Manutd

Sad news reaching FNN desk this early morning from surlere as a man, Mr. Sylvanus Okolo, has been detained on charges of Domestic Violence after beating his wife to a coma for turning off their generator set during the Chelsea-Man United game.

The Victim, Mrs. Chisom Okolo was said to have turned off the generator just as the 2nd half was about to start, in a bid to save fuel. This threw her husband, who was already angry at Mourinho’s team selection, into a fit of rage, causing him to beat her to a pulp. Neighbours alerted the police after they heard his wife screaming.

FNN managed to speak to Mr. Okolo at the station he was held in Surulere, and in his defence, he said:
“Nwanne, I love my wife, but I love Shaysea (chelsea) more. Why willi she provoke me by offing my jane (gen) as second half wantu start?! Maka chukwu o di very lucky that ejighi’m knife or pissul (pistol) at that particular point in time, or else I swear to God………chineke……..and that molinho (mourinho) is a bastard, why he did not start mata? Why??? Is it maka the……..”

We had to end the interview as it spiralled into a football argument.
Meanwhile, his wife is pressing charges, and a court hearing date is to be set soon.


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