America Invites Nigeria To Help Use Juju Against Syria

News of the ongoing crisis in Syria has gone world-wide. The government allegedly used Chemical weapons on a group of citizens and America has recently been showing interest in striking back for taking such an action they termed as “Illegal and unnecessary”.

As we speak,Russian president says he won’t support any strike without proper evidence of the chemical weapon that was claimed to be used and he won’t hesitate to strike back America if they strike. So as to avoid another world war,President Obama has called on GEJ to gather all the spiritualists/herbalist in Nigeria to create a way to attack Syria without any evidence of an attack.

According to Obama’s statement to GEJ,FNN intercepted this line “This is the first time I’d be asking for your assistance and you know I’ve done enough for you. All the bad decisions you’d been making and I’ve been ignoring is because I know the day I will need your help would come,now is the time. Gather all your Juju & strike Syria.”

Reports reaching FNN some minutes ago,claim the Nigerian herbalists are working on making the American invisible and at the same time,making the Syrian Army fall asleep. We don’t know how they intend to do this but FNN doesn’t pray for war,we pray for world peace!!!



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